Why can we rate Uber® drivers but not police officers?

Guardian Score is a survey solution designed to help police administrations use real-time data analytics and insights to understand how their police officers treat community members.

“Transforming Police Performance One Score at a Time”

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What we're measuring

The Problem

Police departments do not have an easy way to measure their officers' customer service abilities in the field.

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The Solution

Our customer satisfaction tool allows community members to rate their interactions with police officers.

Why Guardian Score

Why Guardian Score?

We provide police leaders with meaningful and actionable analytics to evaluate police officers.

Police Officers Being Evaluated


Community Members With Access to Guardian Score


Surveys Submitted

How It Works

Interaction card

1. Police officer gives interaction card to community member

The front side of the card has a flexible design that police departments can customize. The back side of the card has a unqiue QR code that redirects the community member to our digital survey. Each card is tied to a unique interaction and can be used exactly one time.
  • Measure verified, unique interactions with the public

  • Standalone, low friction solution that does not need to integrate with existing police systems

  • Customizable front card design allows officers to reduce waste of holding two cards

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2. Community member fills out anonymous survey

Our digital survey allows community members to rate their police interaction based on the officer's ability to explain "why", listening skills, fairness, professionalism, and their ability to explain next steps. Upon survey completion, the interaction card is redeemed and cannot be re-used again.
  • 100% anonymous and takes less than 1 minute to fill out and submit

  • Questions are objective and based on procedural justice principles

  • Not measuring if the person "liked" or "disliked" the officer

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Guardian Score survey
Guardian Score analytics

3. Police leaders review officer analytics and insights

Our easy-to-use dashboard app allows police supervisors to review officer customer service scores in real-time with just a few clicks. Our visual graphs makes it easy to track, measure, and compare department, group, and officer scores over time.
  • Identify department, group and officer behavioral trends and outliers

  • Compare officer performance to their peers

  • Print officer and team reports in seconds

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