Realtime Reports

Our easy-to-use dashboard app allows police supervisors to review officer customer service scores in real-time with just a few clicks. Our visual graphs makes it easy to track, measure, and compare department, group, and officer scores over time.

  • Identify department, group and officer behavioral trends and outliers

  • Compare officer performance to their peers

  • Print officer and team reports in seconds

Officer Reports

When to use it:

  • Performance evaluations

  • Internal investigations

  • Promotional processes

  • Coaching/mentoring sessions

What it tells you:

  • Score results across 5 key procedural justice traits

  • Trends based on citizen ace, race, ethnicity, and gender

  • Trends based on interaction type

  • Early warning signs for training needs

Team Reports

When to use it:

  • CompStat meetings

  • Team meetings

  • After team trainings

  • Post-critical incidents

What it tells you:

  • Team score trends across 5 key traits over time

  • High / low performers

  • Team trends based on citizen age, race, ethnicity, and gender

  • Team trends based on interaction type

  • Team vs. Agency Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

We support officer and team reports at the moment. We are currently working on creating a department report template.

Yes, you can generate officer and team reports over any time frame. Generating a report takes less than one minute and is available in the dashboard.

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