Interaction Survey

Our digital survey allows community members to rate their police interaction based on the officer's ability to explain "why", listening skills, fairness, professionalism, and their ability to explain next steps. Upon survey completion, the interaction card is redeemed and cannot be re-used again.

  • 100% anonymous and takes less than 1 minute to fill out and submit

  • Questions are objective and based on procedural justice principles

  • Not measuring if the person "liked" or "disliked" the officer

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What We Measure

Telling "Why"

Many community members aren’t familiar with police protocols. It can be helpful to tell people why you’re making certain requests, taking specific action, and sometimes as simple as explaining why the interaction is even occurring.

Listening Skills

Community members appreciate the opportunity to explain their concerns and opinions during a police interaction. It can be helpful to show that you’re actively listening to the community member.


Sometimes it is necessary to write a ticket or make an arrest. However, treating people fairly, based on specific circumstances can go a long way. Even if the outcome isn’t what the community member wanted, the way they were treated during the process can have a positive impact.


Like any profession, the way you speak to people, the way you carry yourself, even the way you wear your uniform, can impact the perception of your overall professionalism.

Next Steps

Many community members don’t know what to do after a police interaction. E.g. Does a victim know about potential resources? It can be meaningful to ensure that each community member knows what potential next steps may be after your interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet. We recognize that every community and every police department is unique. While the standard questions are based on research related to procedural justice and legitimacy, we remain flexible to be sure that we are truly providing a tool that delivers value to the community and the police department. If you have a unique question in mind, let’s chat about it!

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